Negotiations 2023-24

CAN USD 261 Board members attend negotiation meetings?  

YES THEY CAN.  They can and have been part of the district negotiation team AND / OR attend in person as a guest in the audience.

Negotiation Day 10 - December 6, 2023  5 PM

HEA December 6 Presentation (15 Slides) ORANGE.pdf

HEA 6-point Package Proposal 12/6


HEA 12/6 Salary Schedule Proposal

HEA December 6 Response (19 slides) BLUE.pdf

HEA Analysis of District Finance Claims

(UPDATED: requested by Tuesday, December 5th due to glitch in pdf highlighted copy.

HEA Information Request 231122.pdf


HEA REBUTTAL TO USD 261   11.8.23 Presentation

Yes, monies were budgeted and are available for certified salary raises

The 11.8.23 USD 261 2023-24 Contracted Salary Schedule offer of $27.8 Million is an aggregate $480,000 more than the 2022-23 Contracted Salary Schedule Actual $27.3 Million from the previous year - a 1.76% aggregate increase.  Over 120 educators will only receive a 0.74% individual raise, while facing up to $3,000 in additional annual insurance costs. 

The district states that it is unable to pay more and is unable to address the salary fix due to a lack of budgeted funds.   The district's presentation, however, is full of obvious math errors, double counting, and substantial misinformation.  The documents below, using the USD 261 budget numbers submitted to KSDE in September, indicate that the budget was prepared with sufficient monies to offer a salary increase and fully fix the full five years of salary schedule placement issues, in accordance with the district's March 2023 Negotiation Intent letter.

HEA does acknowledge that the decline in enrollment will result in an estimated  $400,000 less revenue.  But according to HEA's calculations --  even after educators are paid and the salary placement issue is resolved, the district should still have well over $1.3 Million dollars in reserve.

Rebuttal to USD 261 Claim - Slide 34

USD 261 claims HEA asked for $1.9 million. The chart  above indicates how the HEA ask was broken down:  $625K + $210K = $835K.  Then the salary fix (Year 1 & 2) of $268K brings it to $1.1 million – Well within the nearly $3 million budgeted for salary increases.  USD 261 double added again.

Agreement with USD 261 Claim? - Slide 23

HEA agrees with USD 261 estimate.  There is a requested clarification of 22-23 Actual data of $32,639,276 (USD261) or 32,434,982 (HEA).

T-Chart Comparative Mirror Analysis of USD 261 Claim and HEA Calculations

Indicates approximately a $1.4 million cushion in certified salary budgets.  This chart is arranged in order of the USD 261 11.8.23 presentation, indicates the original slides / pages where the data is displayed (copy can be downloaded below) and contains relevant footnotes to other documents.

Itemized Fund Code Function Code Salary

Used in the T-Chart Comparison above

Example of Revised Form 150 / Form 155

Used in the T-Chart Comparison above

USD 261 Form 150 Submitted.pdf

USD 261 2023-24 Budget Form 150

Uses FTE enrollment (higher of prior 2 years) and weightings to determine budget resources for General Fund.  Can be republished if FTE greater than expected.

USD 261 Form 155 Submitted.pdf

USD 261 2023-24 Budget Form 155

Used to determine the Local Option Budget (local tax).  Can NOT be republished.

Negotiation Day 9 - November 8, 2023  5 PM

Negotiations Presentation 11.8.23 (1).pdf

USD 261 11.8.23 Presentation

BOE Proposal 11.8.23 (2).pdf

USD 261 11.8.23

Proposed Salary Schedule with $300 to Base (1).pdf

USD 261   11.8.23 Proposed Salary Schedule

includes 0.74% raise for 120+ teachers

231108 USD 261 Offer - HEA Calculation.pdf

Comparative Calculations HEA vs USD 261

HEA analysis indicates USD 261 offer is only $471,708 over prior years actual amount - a 1.73% aggregate increase.  The Actual Contracted Salary line is only $27.8 Million

231108 District Offer - HEA Calc2.pdf

USD 261 Offer (11.8.23) Salary Schedule - (HEA Analyzed)

This HEA analyzed salary schedule of the most recent USD 261 proposal indicates the percentage and dollar increase of each cell.  The total increase HEA calculates is $471,708 over last year.

USD 261 Negotiation Video 11.8.23

Begins at 35:00 - 1:16
Resumes: 2:05

Highlights USD 261 District Presentation

2:49:16 - Used monies budgeted for teacher raises for classified salaries.  In Juy board meetings, USD 261 had stated classified raises were being paid out of savings in utilities.  For the record HEA supports classified employees receiving much deserved raises.

2:49:30  Savings from cutting 18 classes at Campus is NOT money for teachers -you are assuming it is.

"Once again, we are saving money at the expense of teachers!"


Information Regarding Prohibitive Practices During Negotiations.pdf

Negotiation Day 8 - October 25, 2023  6 PM

BOE Members have NOT been attending the negotiations.  The BOARD rejected our proposal, AGAIN!

The board has yet to present any salary schedule table.

The board did not respond to our proposal from 2 weeks ago.

The board has not yet given us the information we have requested 4 weeks ago regarding the $500,000 discrepancy in the insurance proposal given to the board versus the one given to employees.

The BOARD approved a budget with a $3 MILLION increase in the bucket o' money for certified staff (non-admin) raises over last fiscal year. HEA is only asking for 1/3 of that amount.  That's reasonable!

Contact your BOARD Representives ask them to provide fair & equitable pay to all teachers.




Begins at 1:01 to 1:18; 1:44 -

Negotiation Status Chart

Negotiation Chart Order 23-24.xlsx

Negotiation Day 7 - October 11, 2023  6 PM

BOE Members have NOT been attending the negotiations.  The BOARD rejected our proposal.  The Board's counter proposal DID NOT begin to correct the frozen salary schedule until 2025-26.  

The BOARD states there is no money available... but the BOARD approved a budget with a $3 MILLION increase in the bucket o' money for certified staff (non-admin) raises over last fiscal year.  

HEA only asks for $1.07 MILLION TO provide raises, and begin the salary fix.  According to the BOARD's own documents, it would only then cost another estimated $230,000 to do the whole salary fix in one year. 

 Finish the Fix! This is equitable!  This is fair!   

USD 261 Presentation 10.11.23 (1).pdf

USD 261 Counter Proposal

HEA 2023 Oct 11 Presentation.pdf

HEA Rebuttal

231011 Negotiation Recap Email

Negotiation Team Update

10/11/23 -- Part 1

Begins at 1:05

10/11/23 -- Part 2

Negotiation Day 6 - September 27, 2023  6 PM

BOE Members have NOT been attending the negotiations.  Please use your personal email during non work hours and send a message to the board members with these documents and links to the video.  Let them know the HEA proposal will only increase costs over last year by $1.1 million while raising the salary base to $43,000, providing every veteran educator a 4% capped step increase, column movement for education, and initiate year 1 of a 2 year salary fix to address pay inequity.  This is good for student, teachers, and the district!

Current Board Members are:


·         Jeremy Bennet - 

·         Tom Gibson -

·         Courtney Williams -

·         Jennifer Bain -

·         Dr. Susan Norton -

·         Greg Fenster -

·   Kelly Ramseyer -

230927 Bargaining Recap.pdf
HEA September 27 2023 Presentation.pdf


Begins at 53.42 mark

Salary Model 464.pdf

Example of Salary Misplacement

New hires brought in at greater level then veteran teachers.  Districts proposal will make inequity worse.

Salary Model 503.pdf

Example of Correct Step Placement

Step given every year.  Combined with two year HEA Salary Fix will correct issues and provide equity

HEA PROPOSAL #3 -- $43,000 BASE  (09/27/2023)

HEA CP3 - Base 43000 with MCap Bonus.pdf


Insurance analysis pdf.pdf

Negotiation Day 5 - September 13, 2023  6 PM

Negotiations 230913.docx
District Presentation - Salary Proposal Information.pdf

District Presentation on HEA Counter Offer

Begins at 59:15 mark

HEA Counter Proposal - Salary Schedule

Analysis of the Initial USD 261 proposal offered on September 6 indicated that while giving each cell a 4% raise, it did not adequately address steps, columns, or address the initial placement fix.  Our estimation was this proposal would only increase aggregate bargaining unit salaries $608,617 over SFY23.

The HEA COUNTER PROPOSAL requests an estimated $1,112,281 (4.07%) aggregate salary monies over SFY23 to be used for 4% capped step cell raises, column movements, and Year 1 of 2 to fix salary schedule placements. Teachers new to the profession (Level A) would receive a 3% increase, effectively raising the base rate from $40,519 to $41,735.

HEA continues to be concerned that rapidly increasing insurance premiums and low starting pay will be detrimental to our members and our district.


Negotiation Day 4 - September 6, 2023  6 PM

Negotiations 230906

Video begins at 1:27 and lasts until 2:10 for first caucus. 
Video resumes at 3:14 - 3:30

Negotiation Day 3 - August 30, 2023  5:30 PM


Negotiation Day 2 - July 26, 2023  1 PM


Negotiation Day 1 - July 24, 2023  1 PM


Summary of Day 1

Negotiation Session - Day 1 - July 24, 2023

2023-24 USD 261 Negotiations Letter.3.29.23.pdf

USD 261 BOE - Negotiation Letter 2023-24

HEA Negotiations Letter 2023-2024 School Year.pdf

HEA - Negotiation Letter 2023-24