DAY 7 - October 11, 2023 - 6 PM

BOE Members have NOT been attending the negotiations.  The BOARD rejected our proposal.  The Board's counter proposal DID NOT begin to correct the frozen salary schedule until 2025-26.  

The BOARD states there is no money available... but the BOARD approved a budget with a $3 MILLION increase in the bucket o' money for certified staff (non-admin) raises over last fiscal year.  

HEA only asks for $1.07 MILLION TO provide raises, and begin the salary fix.  According to the BOARD's own documents, it would only then cost another estimated $230,000 to do the whole salary fix in one year. 

 Finish the Fix! This is equitable!  This is fair!   

USD 261 Presentation 10.11.23 (1).pdf

USD 261 Counter Proposal

HEA 2023 Oct 11 Presentation.pdf

HEA Rebuttal

231011 Negotiation Recap Email

Negotiation Team Update

10/11/23 -- Part 1

Begins at 1:05

10/11/23 -- Part 2