2024-25 Calendar Issue (Conference Release Days)

We are writing to make you aware of a calendar issue that HEA has been working on. The 2024-2025 school calendar draft options were emailed out February 20, 2024 and HEA saw an issue regarding wording of conference release days on the calendar.  The final draft of the 2024-2025 school calendar was emailed out to the district staff on Friday, April 5th and from that final draft it was clear the issue was not resolved so this is why you are receiving this email.  It is unfortunate that this issue wasn't resolved as it could have been easily resolved and it would cost the district nothing to fix it!

The issue is with the labeling of the 2024-2025 conference release days for October 17-18 and February 13-14.  On all previous school calendars these dates have been listed as "Conference Release day No School" to make it clear that these days have been days earned off because of teachers working hours outside of the normal contract day, hours for conference nights.  The 2024-2025 school calendar simply lists these days as "No School".  This may seem insignificant to some however labeling these days as just days off from school does not recognize these are earned days off and not just another day off from school.  This issue was first brought to the attention of Mr. Hersh on February 25, 2024.  The response was that no correction would be made.  The issue was then sent to all BOE members on March 24, 2024.  There was no response given from any of the BOE members.  

The attachment shows the communications regarding this issue.

2024-2025 Calendar Concern Submitted to BOE.pdf

Letter Sent to BOE

Calendar Supporting Documents.pdf

Attachments Sent to BOE (Including Prior Calendars) (8 pages)