DAY 6 - September 27, 2023 - 6 PM

BOE Members have NOT been attending the negotiations.  Please use your personal email during non work hours and send a message to the board members with these documents and links to the video.  Let them know the HEA proposal will only increase costs over last year by $1.1 million while raising the salary base to $43,000, providing every veteran educator a 4% capped step increase, column movement for education, and initiate year 1 of a 2 year salary fix to address pay inequity.  This is good for student, teachers, and the district!

Current Board Members are:


·         Jeremy Bennet - 

·         Tom Gibson -

·         Courtney Williams -

·         Jennifer Bain -

·         Dr. Susan Norton -

·         Greg Fenster -

·   Kelly Ramseyer -

230927 Bargaining Recap.pdf
HEA September 27 2023 Presentation.pdf


Begins at 53.42 mark

Salary Model 464.pdf

Example of Salary Misplacement

New hires brought in at greater level then veteran teachers.  Districts proposal will make inequity worse.

Salary Model 503.pdf

Example of Correct Step Placement

Step given every year.  Combined with two year HEA Salary Fix will correct issues and provide equity

HEA PROPOSAL #3 -- $43,000 BASE  (09/27/2023)

HEA CP3 - Base 43000 with MCap Bonus.pdf


Insurance analysis pdf.pdf