2023-24 Negotiation Update Page


This matrix shows every salary schedule proposal (both HEA and USD 261) have made in this year's negotiations.  Green notates last year's Actual, Blue is HEA proposals, and White is USD 261 proposals. 

The Left side with Y & N indicators show the decision making requirements HEA utilizes to evaluate an offer - based off the top preferences given to HEA in the conversations had and survey conducted in Spring 2023.  The added requirement was the district request to limit increases to $1.1 million instead of the historically utilized new money percentage amount of $1.3 million. We presumed those extra monies would go to help improve para / classified wages and agreed.

Each RED N indicates a significant part of the certified staff negatively affected.  

A RED N in the BASE INCREASE category, negatively affects attracting new teachers to our district.  Our current base salary schedule is so low, that a newly graduated teacher with a BA can make more money beginning in Maize, than a teacher with a BA who has 6-7 years of experience teaching in Haysville.

A RED N in the ALL CELLS category, means cells had either a zero increase or a decrease, negatively impacting all employees.

A RED N in the STEPS category negatively affects all the employees in the district, but most specifically those 109 employees who have bottomed out on the salary schedule.

A RED N in the FIX SALARY INEQUITY category negatively affects 178 employees behind in the salary schedule by not addressing their valid concern.

A RED N in the NEAR $1.1 Million requirement indicates if the proposal does indeed  provide those monies over the last fiscal year to the bargaining unit member salary schedule.

The INDEX RATE shows how much a person at the bottom of the salary schedule makes as a function of the beginning base salary.  The smaller number indicates reduced wage gap inequalities.

Information Request #5 (Submitted 6 AM Tuesday, April 2, 2024)

HEA requests the following items in preparation for the Fact Finding Session on April 29,,2024.

Please provide the following information no later than 5 PM on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.


·        Please provide a pdf copy of the bank statements and their reconciliations for the months of 6/30/2022 and 6/30/2023 for all bank accounts, including but not limited to INTRUST BANK account # 1110260100 and VALLEY STATE BANK accounts #22888, #22934, #22853


·        Please provide a pdf copy of the bank statements only (reconciliation report not requested at this time) for the month of 03/30/2024 for all bank accounts, including but not limited to INTRUST BANK account # 1110260100 and VALLEY STATE BANK accounts #22888, #22934, #22853.



·        Please include a copy of ALL salaried administrative certified employee contracts, including pay and compensation for 2023-24.

o   If any salaried administrative individual is receiving pay greater than the 2022-23 contracted amount and does not have a signed contract yet, please provide that individual(s) previous contract, new salary amount, and position.

·        Please include any newly signed or offered contracts to current or prospective administrative staff, including terms of pay and compensation, for administrative certified employees, including the superintendent for 2024-25 and following.



·        Please provide a copy of the 2022-23 Independent Audit Report, including pre-audit engagement letter, and post audit management letter.  This has been requested several times and HEA has been informed it is not available.  The audit is normally presented in August, following the close of the fiscal year.  Every other school district in Kansas has already submitted their Independent Audit Report to both KSDE  (https://www.ksde.org/Agency/Fiscal-and-Administrative-Services/Fiscal-Auditing) and the Kansas Department of Administration, Municipal Services, per KSA-75-1124.   (https://admin.ks.gov/offices/accounts-reports/local-government/municipal-services/municipal-audits/categories/0b6cf2c3b39746738e3516131b453830)


·        If the final 2023 Independent CPA audit is indeed unavailable, HEA requests specific reasons why, and an estimated date when it might be complete.  HEA also requests that any audit draft and/ or any preliminary substantial or material findings be presented to HEA, or to the factfinder to determine if it should be released to HEA.


4)     FY24 Estimated Weighted Enrollment Summary

·        Please provide the FY24 USD Estimated Weighted Enrollment Summary Audit Report.  This is typically completed in Jan / Feb 2024 by Kim Burd from KSDE.  


The HEA Negotiation Team and the District Negotiation Team met today with the federal mediator.  Unfortunately, we were unable to come to an agreement.  Our next step will be the fact finding process.  We have attached a flow chart of the process.

UPDATED 1/8/2024 - Information Request - Activity Fund #4

Thank you to USD 261 for providing the information requested regarding the Activity Fund.  We appreciate the prompt response.  After reviewing the documents, our immediate concerns are satisfied.  We now consider this request closed. 

HEA does believe the information reported to KSDE in the published budget was inaccurate due to the complexity of the Activity Fund’s accounts.  HEA trusts that USD 261 will segregate Agency and Activity funds in the future and will report ACTUAL Activity Fund income and expenditures correctly in the 2024-25 KSDE budget report.

 HEA looks forward to receiving a CPA audited report for 2022-23 when it is complete. 

Information Request - Activity Fund #4

(Email sent to District and BOE members on January 7, 2024)

HEA has asked repeatedly through both written requests and during negotiation meetings for details on the KSDE Budget Code 56 -- Activity Fund.  While partial explanations were given, the actual data and detail have never been provided for the period asked.  Instead, a different year report was given that did not address our current concern.

1. The Initial Request was on November 22, 2023, with a requested due date of December 1, 2023.  (EXHIBIT A)

2. The District asked for clarification on November 28, 2023.   HEA provided clarification on November 29, 2023, extending the requested due date to December 5, 2023  A data dump of documents was provided less than 2 hours prior to the December 6th meeting.  (EXHIBIT B)

3. Upon review the following day, the documents HEA had requested were not included.  A follow up request with a PDF attachment of what documents were outstanding was then made on December 7, 2023 for a due date of December 11th. (EXHIBIT C)

4. The district provided some documents on December 12th, but once again did not provide the detailed reports requested from the Activity Fund for 2022-23. (EXHIBIT D)

5. HEA reviewed the documents and at 12:44 AM on Wednesday, December 13th, issued a 4th request for the missing documents and informed the district HEA would ask about the missing documents during the negotiation session.  This notice was provided a full 16 hours before the scheduled meeting.  (EXHIBIT E)   During the meeting, District representatives stated they did not check their emails the entire day.  

6. On Friday, December 15th at 3:07, the District acknowledged receipt of the 12/13/23 HEA email .  (EXHIBIT F)


As of today, we have not received this information which was originally requested on November 22, 2023 HEA once again, would like information (data & detail) of all activity, especially any transfer of funds activity in the 2022-23 ACTIVITY FUND ACCOUNT (CODE 56).  We would like this information no later than 5 PM on Friday, January 13th.

Please find attached pdf versions of the information requests that have been sent in the past several months.  For more detailed information and analysis, please visit the HEA website negotiation page - https://www.haysvilleeducationassociation.com/2023-24-negotiations.

HEA would also like to remind every board member that they are allowed to communicate individually and privately with members of the negotiation team for informational purposes.  We invite you to reach out.

Thank you, 


USD 261 has not provided a CPA audited report for 2022-23, or any detailed report of the unusual activity within the Activity Fund, despite several requests from HEA.  See Day 10 & See Day 11 below:

What happened with the Activity Funds last year?  Why does the district refuse to provide the detailed accounting reports requested in November?

FY23 Salaries - Object 111 (from USD 261).pdf

District provided Salary Amounts on 12/12/2023

The district repeatedly told HEA during negotiations that last year $32 million was spent for teacher salaries.  But their own report indicates 3.1 million of that was actually admin salaries.

Analysis of District provided Salary Amounts. 

The district repeatedly told HEA during negotiations that last year $32 million was spent for teacher salaries.  But their own report indicates 3.1 million of that was actually admin salaries.

Comparison of 2022-23 Salary Budget, Actual, and 2023-24 Salary Budget

Even with the reduction to the legal max, there is still $37.3 million budgeted for admin and teacher salaries, if what the district gave HEA is accurate.

This means, there would be at least a $3 million cushion of funds left available, AFTER the HEA proposed 2.94% increase plus full salary fix is implemented.

AND - the USD 261 proposal actually costs more than the HEA proposal does without fixing any of the problems.

2023-24 Negotiation Meetings


231213 HEA Presentation RED rev 2.pdf

HEA 12.13 Presentation

HEA Proposal Full 12.6.pdf

HEA 12.6 Salary Schedule - Full

HEA Proposal Simple 12.6.pdf

HEA 12.6 Salary Schedule - Simple

CAN USD 261 Board members attend negotiation meetings?  

YES THEY CAN.  They can and have been part of the district negotiation team AND / OR attend in person as a guest in the audience.

Negotiation Status Chart

Negotiation Chart Order 23-24.xlsx