Sick Leave Bank

Sick Leave Bank Membership Form Certified.pdf


To apply for extended sick leave days, download this form and send it to Michelle Groh at Rex Elementary or email

Coordinate this application with any FMLA paperwork you may need to do with the HR department, after you utilize any provided sick bank leave.

ARTICLE VIII; SECTION B. Paragraph 5: Sick Leave Bank. (revised 2022) (pgs 11-12 in Negotiated Agreement)

(a) To participate, the teacher must have contributed a day of their leave. * See note below

(b) Once in the bank, you remain in the bank, until a new donation of days is needed or written notification is received by the HEA president prior to September 2.

(c) When the balance of days in the bank drops below 120, a new donation of days will be necessary.

(d) The teacher has used all of his/her accumulated leave.

(e) An application requesting withdrawal of days from the SLB is filed with the governing committee, appointed by the Haysville Education Association.

(f) The days drawn from the bank are used for the personal prolonged illness of the employee, the extended illness of a member of the immediate family, or the sudden death of an immediate family member.

(g) The maximum number of days that a teacher may withdraw from the bank will be determined by the governing committee. The bank will be administered by the Haysville Education Association.

(h) The HEA will update the bylaws the governing committee uses to administer the Sick Leave Bank and send any changes promptly to the district and HEA representatives.

(i) Denial of the application to withdraw days from the SLB may be appealed to an appeal committee. The appeal committee shall consist of one person appointed by the HEA, one person appointed by the Board, and one person appointed by the two members of the appeal committee. It is understood that the Board may appoint a teacher as its committee member. The decision of the appeal committee will be final.

*All employees who like to continue their membership in the bank or any employee who would like to become a member in the bank during the 2022-2023 school year must donate one day to the bank for the 2022-2023 school year.