Negotiations 2023-24

Negotiation Day 10 - December 6, 2023  5 PM

Negotiation Meeting #10

HEA December 6 Presentation (15 Slides) ORANGE.pdf

HEA 6-point Package Proposal 12.6

HEA proposed a 6 point package, increasing the base pay, doing the full 5 year salary fix, steps & columns., lump sum, and IBB for 1 year.

12.6.23 USD Negotiations Presentation.pdf

USD Counterproposal 12.6

USD countered with Full Salary Fix, Columns, NO STEPS, and only a $1000 1 year bonus for half of the district educators.

HEA December 6 Response (19 slides) BLUE.pdf

HEA Analysis of District Finance Claims 12.6

HEA reviewed USD financial claims, showing monies exist in the budget.  HEA also raised questions about major discrepancies and unusual financial activities.  HEA has requested copies of CPA audits, but none have been made available.

HEA Proposal Full 12.6.pdf

HEA 12.6 Salary Schedule Proposal - FULL

This documents shows all percentage, dollar, amount of step, and indexing for every cell.


HEA 12.6 Salary Schedule Proposal - $ & %

This document shows only the percentage raise between vertical cells.

HEA Proposal Simple 12.6.pdf

HEA 12.6 Salary Schedule Proposal - $ only

This documents is the simple version - It only shows the dollar amount in each cell

(HEA was provided some of the requested data at 2:45 on Dec 6 - 2 hours prior to negotiation meeting)

Significant items NOT provided -- CPA audit report for 2022-23; KSDE Audit report for 2022-23, Activity Fund Detailed Transactions explaining unusual financial activity.

HEA Information Request 231122.pdf


HEA REBUTTAL TO USD 261   11.8.23 Presentation

Yes, monies were budgeted and are available for certified salary raises

The 11.8.23 USD 261 2023-24 Contracted Salary Schedule offer of $27.8 Million is an aggregate $480,000 more than the 2022-23 Contracted Salary Schedule Actual $27.3 Million from the previous year - a 1.76% aggregate increase.  Over 120 educators will only receive a 0.74% individual raise, while facing up to $3,000 in additional annual insurance costs. 

The district states that it is unable to pay more and is unable to address the salary fix due to a lack of budgeted funds.   The district's presentation, however, is full of obvious math errors, double counting, and substantial misinformation.  The documents below, using the USD 261 budget numbers submitted to KSDE in September, indicate that the budget was prepared with sufficient monies to offer a salary increase and fully fix the full five years of salary schedule placement issues, in accordance with the district's March 2023 Negotiation Intent letter.

HEA does acknowledge that the decline in enrollment will result in an estimated  $400,000 less revenue.  But according to HEA's calculations --  even after educators are paid and the salary placement issue is resolved, the district should still have well over $1.3 Million dollars in reserve.

Rebuttal to USD 261 Claim - Slide 34

USD 261 claims HEA asked for $1.9 million. The chart  above indicates how the HEA ask was broken down:  $625K + $210K = $835K.  Then the salary fix (Year 1 & 2) of $268K brings it to $1.1 million – Well within the nearly $3 million budgeted for salary increases.  USD 261 double added again.

Agreement with USD 261 Claim? - Slide 23

HEA agrees with USD 261 estimate.  There is a requested clarification of 22-23 Actual data of $32,639,276 (USD261) or 32,434,982 (HEA).

T-Chart Comparative Mirror Analysis of USD 261 Claim and HEA Calculations

Indicates approximately a $1.4 million cushion in certified salary budgets.  This chart is arranged in order of the USD 261 11.8.23 presentation, indicates the original slides / pages where the data is displayed (copy can be downloaded below) and contains relevant footnotes to other documents.

Itemized Fund Code Function Code Salary

Used in the T-Chart Comparison above

Example of Revised Form 150 / Form 155

Used in the T-Chart Comparison above

USD 261 Form 150 Submitted.pdf

USD 261 2023-24 Budget Form 150

Uses FTE enrollment (higher of prior 2 years) and weightings to determine budget resources for General Fund.  Can be republished if FTE greater than expected.

USD 261 Form 155 Submitted.pdf

USD 261 2023-24 Budget Form 155

Used to determine the Local Option Budget (local tax).  Can NOT be republished.